Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Thieves of Stonewood (Stonewood Trilogy #1) by Jeremy Hayes

Welcome to Stonewood. A large and wealthy city where thieves, thugs, and assassins lurk behind every shadow. The powerful Thieves Guild controls the underworld and only members are permitted to commit crimes within their city.

This is the tale of Harcourt, a down-on-his-luck thief who desperately needs to gain a membership into the Guild. Jalanna, the love of his life has been scarred in a terrible fire and a priest claims he can heal her scars, but for a hefty price in gold. A near-impossible amount to acquire for a homeless thief without a Guild membership.

Luck is not on the rogue’s side as his goal slips further and further out of reach. Forces conspire against him. Then a chance encounter on a fateful night, could change Harcourt’s life forever.

The Thieves of Stonewood is a fantasy adventure that came as a a surprise to me. I'm not keen on the bookcover,  and I expected from that, for the novel to be a bit of a comic storyline.  But instead, it's much deeper and broader than that.

Harcourt needs money to help the love of his life, Jalanna.  After a fire, she has many emotional and physical scars. With the right amount of gold, a priest claims he can heal her physical scars.  Although Harcourt loves Jalanna, know matter what she looks like, he knows that she needs the healing to help stimulate her emotional healing.  We all know beauty starts from within, but it's hard to judge Jalanna, insecure with her image.

The fastest way for Harcourt to get money is to thief.  But in order to do that legal like, he needs admission to the Thieves Guild, which he has been denied. So, he'll take matters into his own hands.  With a deftly build world of magic, action and complex characters you grow to love or hate, The Thieves of Stonewood is no comic book! It's a journey of epic proportions filled with action, romance, mystery, magic and more that kept me completely riveted.  If you enjoy fantasy adventures, try The Thieves of Stonewood! It's pretty darn good!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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