Friday, October 11, 2013

The Summoner (The Dominic Grey Novels #1) by Layton Green

A United States diplomat disappears in front of hundreds of onlookers while attending a religious ceremony in the bushveld of Zimbabwe.

Dominic Grey, Diplomatic Security special agent, product of a violent childhood and a worn passport, is assigned to investigate. Aiding the investigation is Professor Viktor Radek, religious phenomenologist and expert on cults, and Nya Mashumba, the local government liaison.

What Grey uncovers is a terrifying cult older than Western civilization, the harsh underbelly of a country in despair, a priest seemingly able to perform impossibilities, and the identity of the newest target.


The first book in a titillating, page turning series, The Summoner doesn't disappoint! Dominic Grey has been given the assignment of locating a missing American diplomat, William Addison.  He travels to Zimbabwe, where he was last seen attending a religious ceremony.

But when he arrives, nothing is as it seems.  He's been given two partners for this particular assignment and both of them have their own agendas.  Add that to the fact that a young girl disappears while searching for Addison, and Grey has more than his hands full.  The three of them travel to a small village, but even then, no one will talk.   

The weird religious ceremonies that N'anga, the leader of a religion known as JuJu, seem to preclude a disappearance.  Grey steps up his investigation of finding the missing girls, Addison and the intricacies of JuJu and N'anga.

Steeped deeply in mystery, with a compelling protagonist, The Summoner is a page-turning read that made chills run up my spine at times and at others, kept me on the edge of my seat.  If you enjoy nail-biting mystery thrillers, then you won't want to miss The Summoner. A taut, solid plot that will keep you riveted!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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