Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Chances (Shore Leave Cafe #2) by Abbie Williams Review & Giveaway

The past summer has been a wild ride for Joelle Gordon; after discovering her husband cheating she fled Chicago for Landon, Minnesota, her childhood home. There, her family’s lakeside restaurant, the Shore Leave CafĂ©, remains unchanged. And yet nothing else in Landon is the same, including her family of women, her three teenage daughters and the new, intense love she finds unexpectedly with Blythe Tilson. Now Blythe is in trouble, Jackson is back, and Joelle must face one of the most important and difficult decisions of her life.

The second book in the Shore Leave Cafe series, Second Chances picks up right where  the first one left off.  Only this time, Joelle's cheating husband Jackson is re-thinking the divorce.  She's got a new love, younger man Blythe and things seem to be going well until now.  Her teenage daughter is pregnant and she's about to meet Blythe's mother.  

Things are crazy, yet Williams manages to keep everything realistic.  The characters are flawed, yet I can't help feeling for them in the different points of their life.  They are emotional and although some make mistakes, I just wish the best for them.  Some plot points are answered and some not - which I'm hoping are addressed in the next installment.  

Family relationships, romance, broken relationships, friendship and more are just the tip of the iceberg in this enthralling story.  I enjoyed how Joelle's taken control of her life and is ready to go after what she wants, but it human enough to question herself.  The character development is top-notch and the pages just flew by.  I can't wait for the next one! Highly recommend!! 

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  1. Dear Abbie... :) good morning.. am sitting here with my granddaughter listening to bag pipe music..she is coloring... I love your books..the Shore Leave stories are feel like you are a part of the family.. you wish could live about a Scottish book? Marta


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