Thursday, December 12, 2013

Morgan Kane - Without Mercy by Louis Masterson

Kane was a born gambler. When he was taken to the cleaners in a rigged game of cards in St. Louis, he didn’t realize it was part of a private vendetta. Three men and a woman were after Kane. The woman was the bait…

And when they thought they had finished Kane off in the dark, he was left for dead. The buzzards saved him. But, to match the Ranger’s star he carried, Kane had gained a star-shaped scar on his right hand – the hand that meant the difference between life and death to a ranger who lived by the speed of his draw.

Kane wanted revenge – and got it.

I watched a lot of western television shows and movies growing up because that is what my dad liked to watch.  It gave me an appreciation for times past and from time to time, I like to immerse myself in a good old fashioned western. Morgan Kane - Without Mercy is not an old fashioned western, but something more.

He's a Texas Ranger who likes his women, gambling and his booze. When he loses in a game, he wonders how they beat him, but he continues on his way.  Until the three that bamboozled him also corner him on a train and shoot him.  Left for dead, he's helped by a local family and he plots his revenge while he heals.

Now he just has to find the three of them again.  Kane is a multifaceted character who we catch glimpses of scattered throughout to know the real Kane.  There is action, sex, gambling and thrills in this page-turning action adventure western.  I want to know more about Morgan Kane, what makes him tick.  I read it's been optioned for a movie, and I'll be interested to view that as well.  A strong protagonist, Morgan Kane - Without Mercy is a superb read!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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