Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Between a Rake and a Hard Place (The Royal Rakes #3) by Mia Marlowe, Connie Mason

When a royal's intended bride is kidnapped, only a rake can set things right...

Wealthy heiress Serena Osborne feels like her father is determined to sacrifice her on the marriage altar. The Duke of Kent is negotiating for a bride, and the wickedly appealing Sir Jonah Sharp is sent to woo the Lady Serena on the Duke's behalf. It only muddies the waters when she succumbs to Jonah's charm. Repeatedly. But Jonah has a secret agenda—to prevent the marriage at any cost.

When Serena is kidnapped in a desperate attempt to force the royal betrothal, Jonah realizes his new agenda is to secure a bride—for himself.

 When I chose this title I had expected a funny type of story (boy was I surprised!) Upon receiving this book I looked at the cover and was pretty surprised to find out that it was a romance book. I am one of those women who prefer women’s fiction (family relationships, women going through difficult trials and overcoming the odds against them; things of that sort, etc.) I don’t read romance novels very much (NOT even 50 Shades of Grey!!) unless they are for a book review. 

I decided to try to keep an “open” mind and read this book. By the end of the story I didn’t much care for this book; the story itself was pretty good, but the entire story reminded me of all the other types of romance books that are out there. The characters are all the same just with different names and they pretty much all deal with the same thing (lust, a need to stake their claim on someone else and for “bragging” rights.) I was really hoping that I would like this book, but I couldn’t.

The only thing I did like was the plot minus all the sexual stuff. I think Ms. Mason and Ms. Marlowe would be better at writing other things than these types of stories. I think the only readers who would like this book are those who read nothing but romance stories. I give this book and the author(s) a “C.”

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Tiffany

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