Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gorton's "Real Fabulous" Review & Giveaway

For me, feeding my family is about value.  I want to get the most tasty, healthy product for my money.  Gorton's actually makes this pretty easy.  Our nutritionist suggests having two servings of seafood a week, but since my kids are picky eaters that can be tricky.  The little one likes fish and the older one likes shrimp.  It's easy to grab both for a decent price and keep them in the freezer.  The fish takes about 20 to 30 minutes too bake, but it takes the same amount of time to make the home made French fries to go with it.  As for the shrimp, 3 minutes in the deep fryer and it's done!  Everything tastes great and we can choose portion sizes to cook at a time since they don't like the same things.  
I really like the taste of every Gorton's product I've tried.  It's nice that there's such a variety now!  Grilled or fried, shrimp or salmon, you have a lot to choose from.  What really had me sold was the company's thoughtfulness though.  I bought a 12 pack of fish.  When I opened the bag, one of the pieces was broken.  I don't mean mangled or crushed, but snapped in two.  It was completely edible and still looked just fine if I put the pieces together.  The people at Gorton's put in an extra piece of fish to cover it!  So in my 12 pack, I had 13 pieces since one was broken.  It felt like I was getting a little bonus from a company that cares about me.

Fettuccini with tomato and spinach with shrimp
 Gorton's butterfly shrimp
 Fettuccini noodles 
1 medium tomato 
1 handful fresh spinach 

While boiling your fettuccini noodles, dice tomato and shred spinach. Pop vegetables into a heated skillet with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Preheat deep fryer. Let tomato and spinach cook just until tomatoes begin to get soft. Put shrimp into deep fryer. Drain noodles and place on dish. Top with tomato/spinach mixture. Shrimp should be finished! This meal is quick and nutritious as well as tasty. It took me less than fifteen minutes to prepare from beginning to end. 

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