Thursday, January 16, 2014

Legend of the Highland Dragon (Highland Dragon #1) by Isabel Cooper

Set in Victorian England, Legend of the Highland Dragon by Isabel Cooper, is a supernatural adventure.  Mina, a proper young lady, works for a professor as a secretary.  She is quite content with running the show for the professor, and she is dismayed when Stephen MacAlasdair appears and insists on seeing the professor, his old friend.  It turns out that the he and the visitor share an old enemy and MacAlasdair wants to warn him.
Suspicious of MacAlasdair, Mina goes to visit his home to speak to the servants, and while there, she discovers that he possesses supernatural powers.  To be specific, he is a dragon.  Mina agrees to keep his secret and to stay on as his secretary for a nice chunk of change.  Predictably, the two of them fight their burgeoning attraction to one another (quite futilely, of course) and they end up fighting the enemy together.

I have a few major issues with this book. First, other than an occasional Scottish phrase, there is not much that identifies MacAlasdair as Scottish.  Not that I really care to read much of a brogue, but he really felt one dimensional to me.  While I am on the subject of Stephen, the artifact that is at the center of the drama does not change Stephen into a dragon—it just influences when he is able to do so.  Huh?  It was a non-problem to me.   It felt insignificant to me, so I just did not care all that much.

The character development in the story was underdeveloped, and so was the setting.  Quite frankly, I did not care really about much that happened in this book.  The plot was hit and miss for me—thirty pages or so of “can’t wait to read”, followed by thirty pages or so of “when will something happen?”. 

Overall, Legend of the Highland Dragon was a miss for me.  Greater attention to character development, a more fleshed out setting, and a more coherent plot would make this book much more interesting.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Regina

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