Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pandemic by Scott Sigler Feature & Giveaway!

Scott Sigler’s Infected shocked readers with a visceral, up-close account of physical metamorphosis and one man’s desperate fight for sanity and survival, as “Scary” Perry Dawsey suffered the impact of an alien pathogen’s early attempts at mass extinction. In the sequel Contagious, Sigler pulled back the camera and let the reader experience the frantic national response to this growing cataclysm.
     And now in Pandemic, the entire human race balances on the razor’s edge of annihilation, beset by an enemy that turns our own bodies against us, that changes normal people into psychopaths or transforms them into nightmares.

To some, Doctor Margaret Montoya is a hero—a brilliant scientist who saved the human race from an alien intelligence determined to exterminate all of humanity. To others, she’s a monster—a mass murderer single-handedly responsible for the worst atrocity ever to take place on American soil.

     All Margaret knows is that she’s broken. The blood of a million deaths is on her hands. Guilt and nightmares have turned her into a shut-in, too mired in self-hatred even to salvage her marriage, let alone be the warrior she once was.

     But she is about to be called into action again. Because before the murderous intelligence was destroyed, it launched one last payload — a soda can–sized container filled with deadly microorganisms that make humans feed upon their own kind.

     That harmless-looking container has languished a thousand feet below the surface of Lake Michigan, undisturbed and impotent . . . until now.

     Part Cthulhu epic, part zombie apocalypse and part blockbuster alien-invasion tale, Pandemic completes the Infected trilogy and sets a new high-water mark in the world of horror fiction.

Don't miss the first two books in the series! Infected & Contagious!!

New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler is the author of NOCTURNAL, ANCESTORINFECTED, CONTAGIOUS and PANDEMIC, hardcover thrillers from Crown Publishing, and is a co-founder of Dark Øverlord Media, which produces his Galactic Football League series (THE ROOKIETHE STARTERTHE ALL-PRO, and THE MVP).

 One lucky reader will win Infection, Contagious and Pandemic!

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  1. If you enjoy any sort of horror or sci-fi, don't miss Scott's work! I've been a fan for years! Even if you don't win them free, you can't miss out by buying them! Definitely worth the money : )

  2. Just found these on Audible... crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  3. Just had a new baby and I really like to go to the book store.. its an hour and forty-five minutes away.. I would be ecstatic to get a signed hard copy.. please:)

  4. One of my top recommendations for horror/sci-fi. It just doesn't get any better than this!

  5. Now have them all on some format or another, as well as Earthcore, Nocturnal, the GFL series, and the short stories. Very visual writing. Well worth buying! If I win I'd give them to a friend who doesn't have discretionary income. Not lending, as I would be really irate, crawler-level irate, if they weren't returned


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