Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Mountain of Light by Indu Sundaresan Review & Giveaway

As empires rose and fell and mighty kings jostled for power, its glittering radiance never dimmed. It is the Mountain of Light ;the Kohinoor diamond ;and its facets reflect a sweeping story of love, adventure, conquest and betrayal. Its origins are the stuff of myth, but for centuries this spectacular gem changes hands from one ruler to another in India, Persia, and Afghanistan. In 1850, the ancient stone is sent halfway around the world where it will play a pivotal role in the intertwined destinies of a boy-king of India and a young queen of England ;a queen who claims the Mountain of Light and India itself for her own burgeoning empire, the most brilliant jewels in her imperial crown.

The Mountain of Light is a magnificent story of loss and recovery, sweeping change and enduring truth, wrapped around the glowing heart of one of the world ;s most famous diamonds.

This is a completely delightful book that would be a perfect book club choice as it lends itself to much discussion. The story follows the 186 carat Kohinoor diamond as it is passes from king to king, finally ending with the queen of England. 

The author who was born and raised in India does a great job of writing with such rich detail that you don’t even realize you are reading a part of history. Although a book of fiction, it’s based on real life events which means that it’s not a fairy tale ending for many characters in the book. Regardless, I highly recommend this book.  

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Roberta

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  1. Indu Sundaresan is a fantastic writer. All of her books have been such great reads!


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