Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tuesdays at the Teacup Club by Vanessa Green

A lot can change in a year . . .

The children's books Jenny writes and illustrates from her countryside studio are doing well, and after a lifetime of looking after everyone else, she's finally putting herself first. Meanwhile, Maggie's ordered world is thrown into chaos when her baby son Leo arrives. Candlelit baths have made way for endless night feeds, and she and partner Owen are struggling to find any time for themselves. It's been a long year of financial sacrifice, but working-mum Alison has fulfilled her dream at last - she is now the proud co-owner of a café and art gallery.

But when Alison's happiness is threatened and news from home shocks Jenny back to reality, the women must band together. Suddenly their friendship is more important than ever.

In this digital-exclusive short story, Vanessa Greene revisits the characters we first fell in love with in The Vintage Teacup Club. Appealing to both new and old fans, this is a real treat for anyone who enjoys warm-hearted and sincere storytelling - and it's best enjoyed with a nice cup of tea.

In this short story you get caught up on the lives of three of the best women ever written!  I loved The Vintage Teacup Club and have wanted more of Jenny, Maggie and Alison, and I was not disappointed! 

The story picks up a year after we left our friends; Maggie has had her baby and is not as glamorous as she once was.  She is dealing with new motherhood and all that entails. Alison has finally become a partner in the café and is trying to juggle teenagers, a husband and work. 

Jenny is married; becoming a successful children’s writer; and is about to do her first book tour. 
Since I really loved the first book I was so happy and surprised to see this short story.  I wanted to be back in Sussex with the girls and to sit down, have a cup of tea and get caught up with their lives.  Vanessa Greene’s books and characters are like being with old friends.  I couldn’t wait to see what they had been up. 

The only warning I would give you about this story is to read The Vintage Teacup Club first; otherwise you might be really confused by this story. So my recommendation is to read both!  I know I said in my previous review that the beginning of the first book was slow for me (and it might have been my mood at that time), but now I love Vanessa Greene’s stories.  I hope she revisits these great people sometime soon! 

About the Author: Vanessa Greene hosted her first tea party as an eight-year-old for a select gathering of stuffed bears. Since then she’s trawled antiques markets from Paris to Buenos Aires to build her teacup collection and feed her passion for all things vintage. She still loves an excuse to bring friends together, but nowadays her guests are less shy about trying the cake. Vanessa lives in London with her fiancé, James. The Vintage Teacup Club is her first novel. 

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Stephanie

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