Thursday, February 6, 2014

Destiny (Destiny #1) by Laura DeLuca

Gabriella is a witch. The problem is, she doesn't remember. She repressed the memories of her powers years ago when her mother was murdered. Now, the warlock who was responsible for her mother's death has set his sights on Gabriella. He is determined to use her fear to turn her to the dark side of magick…even if it kills her. Her mother's spirit is reaching out to warn her, but even that she pushes away. Desperate to save her daughter, the spirit finds a male witch–one that just happens to be in love with Gabriella. Darron is more than willing to help but the two young witches will have way more to battle than just an evil warlock. There are overbearing jocks and petty rich girls who get tempers flaring and often set Gabrielle and Darron at odds.

There is more to the story than Gabrielle and Darron could even imagine. There are terrible secrets to be revealed, battles to be waged, and lives will be lost. Only after Gabrielle and Darron both come to terms with who they really are, and open themselves up to the true meaning of magick, can they have any hope of fulfilling their destiny.

I found this book so deliciously clich├ęd!  Not the entire thing, there are some wonderful twists and turns, but honestly it reminded me of when I first fell in love with 'The Craft'.  It's nothing like it, but it has that same witchy, homey, 'witch finding herself' feel. 
We have this wonderful cast of teenagers that you can love and hate and cheer and boo and just really enjoy.  As an adult, it reminded me why I'm so glad not to be a teenager anymore!  For teenagers, though, there's definitely going to be at least one character to identify with. 
The best part for me was that this is definitely the beginning of an epic story.  There's so much action and drama with a little romance inside.  I just can't wait to find out what happens next.  I was absolutely enthralled, clear through the epilogue. 
Thankfully, this is a good story for younger readers.  There's an allusion to sex at one point, but we don't have to watch it happen.  The language is pretty clean.  There's plenty of violence, but there really isn't much blood.  You'll find some scary parts, but they're not detailed enough to make them over the top.  You get to use your imagination and make it as gruesome or 'g' rated as you like.

 *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Shawn

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