Saturday, February 8, 2014

Figure O'Speech App/Game Review

Figure O'Speech is an uncommonly challenging, fun and free visual puzzle game from App-titude Games. It looks and plays somewhat like many popular guess-the-picture apps, but this one calls for an added dose of lateral and visual thinking. What do these pictures mean? Why are the words and graphics arranged the way they are?

Each puzzle represents something--a phrase, a proverb, a title, a name. Some may be easy to see; others might have you scratching your head for a while, and calling your friends over to see if they can "get it." Solve enough puzzles and you will unlock new sets of puzzles, each with its own theme (Movies, Famous Names, Proverbs and Idioms etc.).

With hundreds of puzzles, evocative hints, interesting music, and a guessing system that rewards you for getting close, Figure O'Speech is a great casual gaming experience, whether you play for a quick minute or for an hour. See if you can solve puzzles and unlock new sets before your friends do.

Test your app-titude and have fun.

I am so excited about this game!  As soon as I checked it out, I knew I'd be in love!
I remember being a huge fan of these sorts of puzzles since grade school and never being able to get enough of them!  They're difficult to find, however!  Now, they've been made into a game!  Some are pretty simple but they get really tricky!
So, here's how you play.  They'll give you clues and you have to guess the idiom or phrase.  For example, the word HEAD and then beneath it there would be rows of the word 'clouds'.  Figured it out?  Then there are empty dashes where you fill in your guess.  These are great for giving you clues.  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _.  Figured it out yet?  No?  Don't worry!  There are hint buttons on the side you can use!  I had to a few times on some pretty tricky ones!  The answer?  Head above the clouds.  Sounds easy, right?  It is!  But it'll also test your brain power!
There are literally hundreds of puzzles here for you to solve!  It's great if you have just a few moments or if you have hours to blow.  Best of all, it's currently a free app, so what do you have to lose? 
Definitely give this game a chance!
It's currently free on Amazon HERE 
*This review is my honest review.  I was not compensated in any way.  Shawn

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  1. Just purchased this app from amazon. I love games like this. Thanks for the review and the heads up on this fun free app!


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