Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Into The Land Of Shadows by Kristy McCaffrey

Kate's determined to see to it that Charley Barstow makes an honest woman of Agnes McPherson, even if she has to follow him clear across Arizona.  Ethan just wants to find his brother and bury the hatchet from long ago but he doesn't plan on falling in love with this brother's fiancé  .

Kate Kinsella is engaged to Charley Barstow, but it's just a front in this historical romance set in Arizona in the late eighteen hundreds.  However, Charley has disappeared leaving behind a pregnant woman, who is not Kate, and she's fit to be tied that Charley would just up and leave her friend.  She's out looking for him, not only to save her own face in the small town, but to make Charley do the right thing by Agnes. 

Ethan Barstow hasn't seen his brother in over five years and he figures it's high time to let bygones go and move on.  They had a falling out over a woman and he wants to start fresh with his brother.  He doesn't count on saving Kate Kinsella from a band of ruffians.  The news that she is looking for his brother isn't the way he wanted to start his journey,  but he can't leave her to look for Charley herself. 

While many are out looking for Charley, Ethan and Kate's relationship begins to blossom,  from strangers to friends, to maybe love.  However, they both have a lot of baggage in their past and when Ethan reveals his, it may be too much for Kate to handle and keep their new-found love.  With a vividly painted background, engaging and compelling characters and pages that just fly by, INTO THE LAND OF SHADOWS is a superb read for any western or historical romance lover.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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