Thursday, February 27, 2014

Model Citizens: Riding For A Fall by Henry Pepper

Angela Durand is a sweet girl from France and Joanne Hart is a native Californian.  How about: Although their personalities are complete opposites, they both want the same thing in their careers; to be a supermodel.  The Super Model, a week long competition to fulfill their dreams, is where they toss aside their scruples and use blackmail to clinch the competition.  Overnight, Joanne and Angela are celebrities and they take advantage of everything at their fingertips.

Joanne has been dating NFL player Brett Farrell on and off for years.  His life is down-spiraling just days before the Super Bowl.    Caught in a dark place, the psychopath has Joanne and Angela directly in his sights.  Joanne is conflicted about her feelings for Brett.  She loves him and although  she doesn't abhor what he makes her do sometimes, she doesn't always enjoy it.  However, she doesn't realize it's not normal, even when Angela tells her so.   But if Brett gets his way, Joanne might not live long enough to enjoy her new celebrity status.  Hopefully, their agent at the Model Citizen Modelling Agency, Reggie Sinatra,  can save them, but will he be too late?

RIDING FOR A FALL is a sexy, dark and gritty read.  It's an in-depth look into the drama and hi-jinx of the world of haute couture and of what lengths people will go to achieve their darkest desires. Author Henry Pepper holds nothing back, revealing every dark corner and dirty secret of his characters.  If you enjoy a page-turning drama with plenty of entertainment value and nail-biting scenes, then RIDING FOR A FALL might just be for you!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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