Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Collapse: A Survival Thriller (Experience Collapse) by Scott Carleton

What you are about to read has already happened…

Based on real-life events this part action-thriller, part cautionary tale, Collapse is the story of one man’s fight to save the ones he loves when the tenuous fibers that hold society together become strained and begin to snap.

Matt Avery is put to the test as his entire city experiences a loss of electricity, failure of lines of communication, and civilian looting and violence. With a wife, daughter, and small circle of friends in his company, Matt’s survival skills and nerve are tested as he fights to protect his home and feed his family in the wake of disaster.

Matt must make difficult life and death determinations that no one ever hopes to face. Matt has been planning for this moment for years, but now that it is upon him, does he really have what it takes to survive?

A blackout has caused the loosing of rioters and mobs.  Matt and his co-worker are just trying to get to work.  Upon arrival, they find that everything is more bleak than they had first thought.  Matt's only thought is to get to his wife and daughter to make sure they're safe and protect them.  With a 'no travel' law in order, this could prove tricky.  Lucky for everyone involved, Matt's been preparing for the collapse of society for years.

Imagine your favorite apocalypse thriller.  Then cut out the first part.  Go straight to the scene where everyone is told to stay in their homes for their own safety, only our hero knows that that would be committing suicide, and he has other people to look after.  That's where are story begins.  We start with the action and it's nonstop until the end.  It's my understanding that this is the first in an upcoming series, and I assume all of the others will be just as action-packed and thrilling.

At first, I was a little disheartened because I felt like I was cheated of a beginning to the book.  I didn't get a chance to really know the setting or the characters, I was just tossed in with them and left to sink or swim.  Shortly into it, however, I realized I didn't need the beginning I had been craving.  It took a small amount of time before I was able to judge the characters by their actions and begin to bond with them.  

Though this story is all action, it sets a great stage for things to come.  Some parts are appalling, but that's to be expected when people aren't faced with any consequences for their actions.  Also, those who are very much a part of gun laws will find parts of this fascinating.  There's a great debate going on  within the story.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Shawn

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