Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Darkness Lies in Winter and Mac N Cheese Giveaway!!

Although Victoria's life appears picture-perfect from the outside, no one knows what it's really like on the inside. Her father is a callous, yammering cad. Her mother grows more distant and ill with each passing day. When her older brother's attempt to be like their father begins to fail, he turns to drugs. And then there's her baby brother, Bradley. He's a sweet boy that can't help that he's just a little different.

Victoria seems to be getting a handle on things until the unthinkable happens: Her mother suddenly dies. Victoria is tossed into a world of survival for not only herself, but for her little brother as well. But, how high will the price of her sacrifices be? Will she ever be able to have a life of her own?

To celebrate our new Facebook page and author Ariana Wood's birthday, we're having a fabulous giveaway!  We'll select a total of 5 winners on March 31st.  Each will win a prize package consisting of a copy of Ariana's ebook Darkness Lies in Winter as well as an AUTOGRAPHED box of Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Yes, I said autographed!  By the author!  You cannot get this anywhere else!  Eat the food, read the book, frame the autographed box!

Yes, be the only person on your block, in your state, to have an author autographed box of macaroni and cheese!  Spread the word!

Why macaroni and cheese to go with Darkness Lies in Winter?  We're not telling!  You'll have to read the book and find out!

5 Winners! Each will receive an ebook of Darkness Lies in Winter by Ariana Wood and an autographed box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

*USA only
*Ends March 31st
*Sponsored by Ariana Wood and Literary Litter

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  1. I'm guessing Victoria cooks a lot of mac 'n cheese for her little brother to eat.

  2. I bet it's her little brother's fave food.

  3. Must agree with the above, considering that my grandson is always asking for it!


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