Friday, September 5, 2014

Wraithsong (Desirable Creatures, #1) by E.J. Squires

Seventeen-year-old Sonia is in her senior year when she realizes that she is even more different from her friends than she thought. One day there’s an incident with her and another student, proving she has the same ability to control people as her mom. Though she has had a few similar experiences before, this incident verifies exactly how different she is.

Things really begin to change when Sonia meets a senior named Anthony. Soon she finds herself consumed by him—which is shocking—because she’s just not one to fall in love. Anthony is handsome and mysterious, but that’s not what drives Sonia crazy. While other guys usually fight for her attention, Anthony doesn’t even give her the time of day. And even stranger yet, her ability to control people doesn’t work on him. Little does Sonia know that he keeps a deep secret too, and that that very secret holds the answer to who she really is.

With only a few weeks left of school, horrible things happen: Three of Sonia’s cousins, living in another state, are killed, and Sonia’s mom vanishes without a trace.
Anthony tells Sonia that her mom has been taken to an invisible island called Wraithsong, and that his mother is the abductor. To save her mom’s life, Sonia is forced to accept Anthony’s help and travels with him to find the island, but when Anthony’s mother discovers they are working against her, she sends someone to kill Anthony and capture Sonia.

Wraithsong is utterly unique and fascinating. It starts a bit slow but shortly picks up the pace and carries you on a highly entertaining adventure that's hard to put down. Although it's YA, I think Wraithsong has great crossover appeal for adult paranormal romance fans.
I read a lot of books in this genre, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a cast of creatures I had never heard of before, much less read about.

 The unique creatures and gripping plot line had me flying through the pages having to know what happened next. I loved the connection between Sonia and Anthony but the uncertainty of his true intentions and background were driving me crazy. Crazy in the good way though, where I just had to find out.

 The only thing that I found off putting was that at one point in the story Anthony says "This is Layla, a Darkalfar..." but later in the story when Layla is mentioned to him he says "who?" and "never heard of her".  Apparently this did not stick out to many people and may have passed by me as well if I had not wondered how he knew her when he had first mentioned her name. I was very confused by this and went back to double check that I had read correctly. This type of mistake is aggravating, especially when its made in an otherwise well written, captivating and exciting read. But even so I would still highly recommend Wraithsong for the fast pace story and enthralling characters.
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  April

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