Monday, June 8, 2015

Ruining Mr. Perfect (The McCauley Brothers #3) by Marie Harte

It's Not Easy Being Right...

Vanessa Campbell is a CPA by day and a perfectionist by night. She's fit, successful...and decidedly lonely. She can't stop thinking about the youngest McCauley brother, Cameron. He's just like her: smart, attractive, and usually right—except when dealing with her.

...But Someone's Got To Do It.

Cameron McCauley likes Vanessa a little too well. She's a blond goddess with a razor-sharp tongue. She hates to be wrong, just like him. But she can hold a grudge and is stubborn to a fault—also like him.

A past misunderstanding has them rubbing each other the wrong way. Cam is dying to shake Vanessa up—get her to let loose. But if he succeeds, can his heart handle it?

Ruining Mr. Perfect is the third book in the McCauley Brother's series and also the third book I have read by this author. I love the author's writing style and absolutely adore the characters of this series and really enjoy getting to know each of them more and more. This one revolves mostly around Cameron and Vanessa, with a side story about Cam's parents and a bit of the rest of the characters too. I have been looking forward to this romance for quite some time now. 

We all knew it was coming, maybe even before the characters did, and I think that delicious anticipation made it even better. There were definitely some things I did not anticipate happening going on though, but hey when does life ever go exactly as we think right? Cam is cut from a different cloth than his brothers and I really appreciate that. His and Vanessa's chemistry was great and I totally swooned to find out he used the same gym as her just to be around her, even though his building has its own. 

One thing I love about Harte's writing is that the story could stand completely on its own, even without the steamy hookups, but the steam adds to and accentuates the story making it better and more intimate. Overall I'm not sure if I'd say I liked this one as much as the first two books ( which I loved ) but I think it's not far behind. Nevertheless it's still a great addition to the series and I'm eager to read the next book ( Woo! Next one's about Mike! ) to see where things go from here.

 I am a little sad that the next book will be the last of the series. I'm not ready to say goodbye to the boys! These books could be read as standalones but of course I totally recommend reading them as a series since it does give you a little more story for each couple with each book. If you think you'd like a fun, steamy romance, with somewhat sarcastic yet handsome brothers, then you should give this series a shot!  

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  April

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