Monday, July 13, 2015

Bet Your Life (Jess Tennant #2) by Jane Casey

Jess Tennant has now been living in a tiny town on the English seaside for three months, and is just beginning to relax and think of it as home after the traumatic events of last summer. But in the small hours of Halloween night, a teenage boy is left for dead by the side of the road. Seb Dawson has a serious head injury and may not survive. Jess might not have liked Seb much, but surely he didn’t deserve this. The police don’t seem to be taking the attack very seriously, but Jess can’t just let it go, and she takes matters into her own hands.

As she investigates, Jess discovers that Seb was involved in some very dangerous games. A secret predator around girls, he would do whatever it took to abuse them, from lying and blackmail to spiking drinks. Could a group of vengeful victims be behind his attack? Or is there someone else with a grudge against Seb, who will stop at nothing to silence him? Jane Casey returns with another edge-of-your-seat mystery in Bet Your Life.

In this second installment of the Jess Tennant Mysteries, Jess has been in her mother's home town of Port Sentinal for three months.  She's finally settling in a bit and getting to know her cousins more. She still doesn't have any close friends and what she thought was a blossoming romance with neighbor Will was quickly shut down.

Now, a boy, Seb Dawson, was found with a serious head injury along side the road.  Jess is beseeched by her cousin's friend to find out what happened to Seb and why.  Jess solved her cousin's murder just a few short months ago, almost getting herself killed.  She knows the town has secrets but many are reluctant to reveal them.  It will take some clever thinking to get to the bottom of who hurt Seb.

A fast-paced mystery in a small town with a lot of secrets that Jane seems to unearth on accident.  She is a ferocious character who I admired for her tenacity.  However, I liked seeing the glimpses of true emotion beneath her tough exterior.  I look forward to another installment in this young adult mystery series! Great summer read!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wendy

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