Monday, March 28, 2016

The Devil's Workshop (Scotland Yard's Murder Squad #3) by Alex Grecian

They thought he was gone, but they were wrong. Jack the Ripper is loose in London once more.

Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad faces the most shocking case of its existence, in the extraordinary new historical thriller from the author of the acclaimed national bestsellers The Yard and The Black Country.

London, 1890. A small group of the city’s elite, fed up with the murder rate, have made it their business to capture violent criminals and mete out their own terrible brand of retribution. Now they are taking it a step further: They have arranged for four murderers to escape from prison, and into the group’s hands.

But the plan goes wrong. The killers elude them, and now it is up to Walter Day, Nevil Hammersmith, and the rest of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad to hunt the convicts down before they can resume their bloody spree. But the Murder Squad may already be too late. The killers have retribution in mind, and one of them is heading straight toward a member of the Murder Squad, and his family.

And that isn’t even the worst of it. During the escape, one of the killers has stumbled upon the location of another notorious murderer, one thought gone for good, but who is now prepared to join forces with them.

And Saucy Jack has learned some new tricks while he’s been away.

May contain spoilers!

What a ripping good time!

My goodness!  This description just doesn't do it justice!  We have this group of men who believe that the punishment doesn't always fit the crime for the bad guys.  So, they break them out of jail and they exact their own punishment.  Intriguing, right?  I'm not much of a secret society/conspiracy theory person but this one really had me on the edge of my seat.  It really makes you question who the 'bad guys' actually are.  These guys are intense!  What's more, they truly believe they're doing what needs to be done.  Who am I to argue?  Perhaps they are!

So, Jack the Ripper is on the loose!  Sounds terrifying, right?  Oh my goodness!  So much more terrifying than you'd think!  The thing is, Alex Grecian is so skilled that you actually feel like you're right there in Jack's head.  Not only his, but the other characters as well.  As the story is unfolding, you actually begin to understand and sympathize with Jack.  You root for him!  He's the bad guy, though, right?  Or is he?  Most of the time, it's tough to tell!  

The storytelling is brisk and exciting and adventurous.  It's easy to read along and stay interested.  The characters are so well-developed that you immediately have a personal relationship with them.  This isn't just getting into someone else's head.  You're in someone else's head!  You not only get to see why they're thinking what they're thinking, but you're persuaded to agree with them.  Most of the time it goes against your own morals, but you can't help it because the thought process is so logical.

Now, I'll admit this is a pretty graphic book.  If you can't handle the thought of blood, do not pick this up!  However!  If you're into secret societies, conspiracies, murder, mayhem, mystery, and a rollicking good messed up time, you do NOT want to miss this one!  I can honestly say this is one of the best reads I've had in the past two years.  

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Shawn

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