Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WAVE: A Journey Through the Sea of Imagination for the Adventurous Colorist by Shantell Martin

Wave, by Shantell Martin, is not your average coloring book for adults.  It consists of 9 pages (18 front and back), folded accordion style, which unfold into whimsical, unusual landscape.  Inspired by her time in Japan, Martin provides a detailed and abstract sea floor, populated by creatures that have their inspiration in nature but are not readily identifiable.  This would be a great book to color for those who enjoy the slightly offbeat and unusual.

         When you flip the book over, there are blank accordion pages for you to create your own wave.  The paper the book is printed on is thick and would stand up well to crayons, colored pencil, and marker.  The cover of the book encloses the accordion folds and the book holds together well. 

         There are many small, intricate areas to color and since the design is unpredictable, I would recommend this book for someone who would like a coloring challenge.  In addition, people who want a coloring experience that includes repetitive images might not find Wave relaxing.

         Wave is a fun addition to the coloring for grownups book trend!

A great stocking stuffer! You can purchase Wave HERE.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Regina

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