Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Lost Girl: (The Universe Builders 0.5) by Steve LeBel

Fear holds God Town in its icy grip. A child has disappeared... 

Desperate to find little Emily, the town begins an exhaustive search. By the second day, fear grows that the little girl may be lost forever. Only the woods remain to be searched. But the gods are so afraid of the woods, they will not venture there - not even to save the young girl's life. 

Armed with nothing but courage and a magical stick, Bernie and his friends, Suzie and Lenny, are the only ones willing to enter the shadowy world. They discover dangers and terrifying monsters. It will take a miracle to save them, and even that may not be enough... 

This is the prequel to The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty, that won 16 awards for excellence. 

I found this book to be a very good read.  It gave a lot of insight into the world of the gods, which is what drew me into the story.  There was a brief time about half way through the book that I thought the story line slowed down, maybe even a bit repetitive.  At the three quarter mark, though, the pace picked back up and actually got really intense.

This story also drew me in when a young girl went missing and one god decided to show courage doing what no one else was willing to do.  My favorite charcter is actually part of the main character.  It is a cloud which Bernie named Chaos.  I enjoyed Chaos so much, because as much trouble it caused Bernie, it was also a very big help when needed.  Overall, I would recommend The Universe Builders to any young adult or anyone looking for a good, quick read.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  William

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