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Luminous Spirits (Shadow Eyes, #2) by Dusty Crabtree Review & Giveaway

Old habits die hard. Old enemies, even harder.

Iris must now perfect her newfound abilities in order to help her shadow-oppressed family and friends, but more importantly, she must prepare for an impending fight with her most hated adversary. After the arrival of a new mean girl who seems to have history with Iris’s boyfriend, Iris quickly figures out that she is anything but the typical mean girl. She not only creates havoc and conflict among Iris and her friends, but her presence also means that Iris’s inevitable confrontation with her enemy may, in fact, be closer than she thought.

If Iris can figure out why the new girl is there and what her enemy is planning, she’ll at least be one step ahead of their game. But will she be ready when the time comes to face her biggest challenge yet? Or will they succeed in tearing Iris apart before she even has the chance?

My review of Shadows Eyes in 2012 is here


I've waited patiently for five years for the sequel to Shadow Eyes. I can honestly say it was worth the wait. Dusty's writing is even sharper and more compelling than her first foray into the world of light and shadows.  The age-worn tale of good versus evil, dark vs light, angels vs demons rises once again with Luminous Spirits. But it's not a worn tale as Dusty puts her own unique spin on this gritty young adult tale that is layered with more than just fighting.

Iris has had time to to learn and practice her talents but she still has room for growth. She and her friends are still kicking butt and taking names, but Iris figures she has plenty of time to figure out her enemies next move.  Lucas and Donovan are evil incarnate and they need to be taken out but Iris has to figure out what the new girl in school has to do with it first. While she and the rest of the team continue to shadow hunt, Iris hones her skills as well as as do some internal soul searching and thinking.

Luminous Spirits is classified as a young adult novel but as an adult, I quite enjoyed it.  Also, you don't need to read Shadow Eyes to read Luminous Spirits. It reads well as a standalone.  Plenty of action, romance, supernatural elements and striking writing. There are certain scenarios and elements sown throughout that bring about a myriad of emotions, including but not limited to  triumphant, forlorn and empathic. The character building and how they interact with one another are the solid foundation for this series, in my opinion. Dusty has portrayed some growth with them but leaves plenty of room for more development. If you are looking for a new series or author to try, definitely pick up Dusty's Shadow Eyes or Luminous Spirits. She has a  knack for drawing you into her world and it's well worth the ride! 

Dusty Crabtree loves a good story, but she also loves young people. These two loves are evident in all parts of her life. She has been a high school English teacher since 2006 and a creative writing teacher since 2014. She's also been a youth sponsor at her local church for as long as she’s been teaching. She feels very blessed with the amazing opportunities she has to develop meaningful relationships with teens on a daily basis. With her love of reading in the mix, becoming an author of young adult books was just a natural development of those two passions in her life. She lives with her husband, Clayton, in Yukon, Oklahoma, where they often serve their community as foster parents.

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