Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Broken Glass (The Mirror Sisters #2) by V.C. Andrews

Haylee and Kaylee Fitzgerald are twin sisters who have been forced to be identical in every way by their domineering mother. She insists they wear the same clothes, eat the same food, get the same grades, and have all the same friends.

But both are growing weary of her obsession with their similarities, so when they finally attend high school, they find little ways to highlight their independence. The transition isn't as easy as expected, however, and soon both sisters are thrust into a world that their mother never prepared them for—a world with far more dangerous consequences than just upsetting Mother. 

Broken Glass is the second book in The Mirror Sisters series and picks up right after the cliffhanger ending from book one. If you have not read book one, this review will contain spoilers. 

Broken Glass alternates between Haylee and Kaylee's point of view. Kaylee is being held captive and Haylee is pretending to be the mourning sister who has lost her twin. It's strange how a story so disturbing can be so enthralling. Poor Kaylee goes back and forth trying to figure out if she should give in or fight back against her captor. While Haylee is happy that her sister is gone, also still feels like she hasn't quite gained back control of her own life yet since she has to pretend so often at being sad. Their mother has a psychotic break and their father moves back home temporarily to take care of both her and Haylee. He also hires a nurse to stay in the home which means more pressure on Haylee to act a certain way and remain under the radar of suspicion. 

Intense with plot twists and a big creep factor, this book was definitely a page turner. Never boring and kept me anxiously anticipating the next move all the way up to the last page. I kept hoping things would go the way I wanted and there were a few times I was afraid that they definitely weren't. Like book one, this one also ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, that makes me anxious to read the next book already. It's just so hard to believe anyone could be so evil to their own twin sister. *shivers*     

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. April K.

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