Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Than Fiends by Maureen Child

Cassidy Burke's thirty-second birthday isn't going how she planned. She's been raising her daughter alone since she was sixteen. She never told Logan he was the father, because when she went to tell him, he introduced her to his fiance. She's been running a cleaning business for years, and it seems to be flourishing. She's trying to get a new account downtown, a club that caters to sexual fantasies and a clientele that is more than human.

When an elderly lady makes herself at home in Cassie's house, she is annoyed. That is until Jasmine explains to Cassie she is the new demon duster. It seems every female in her family becomes the "one" when they reach their thirty-second birthday, and Cassie's grandmother never got around to telling Cassie.

To make matters worse, Logan shows back up in town. He's angry Cassie never told him about their daughter, but he wants Cassie back in his life. However, Cassie is dating the sexy club owner, Devin Cole.

Cassie would much rather be shopping for a new Coach purse or eating chocolate than dusting demons. But when the head demon honcho sets his sights on Cassie's daughter, all hell breaks loose.

This is a hysterical tale! Witty prose and an unlikely heroine. If your looking for a standard paranormal romance, this isn't it. The love triangle between Cassie, Logan, and Devlin will leave you in stitches. Cassie is open and honest with her thoughts and feelings that is refreshing. I look forward to the next in the series, just so I can see whom Cassie chooses, Logan or Devlin, and what shenanigans she gets into next. Highly recommend for light and humorous entertainment!

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  1. Oh I bet I'd love this one! I hope my library gets it eventually.


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