Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dewey Giveaway!

One frigid Midwestern winter night in 1988, a ginger kitten was shoved into the after-hours book-return slot at the public library in Spencer, Iowa. And in this tender story, Myron, the library director, tells of the impact the cat, named DeweyReadmore Books, had on the library and its patrons, and on Myron herself. Through her developing relationship with the feline, Myron recounts the economic and social history of Spencer as well as her own success story—despite an alcoholic husband, living on welfare, and health problems ranging from the difficult birth of her daughter, Jodi, to breast cancer. After her divorce, Myron graduated college (the first in her family) and stumbled into a library job. She quickly rose to become director, realizing early on that this was a job I could love for the rest of my life. Dewey, meanwhile, brings disabled children out of their shells, invites businessmen to pet him with one hand while holding the Wall Street Journal with the other, eats rubber bands and becomes a media darling.

Dewey is out in paperback with a new holiday cover!!! Spectacular isn't it!! Thanks to Hatchette Books, three (3) Minding Spot Followers are going to win their own copy.

USA and CANADA only.  No PO Boxes.  Must be a Minding Spot Follower to enter. 
Winners announced October 9th.



  1. Hi! Stopping by from This for That...would love if you could follow back!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  2. This book is most definitely on my need to read list, and I will get to it eventually, even if I don't win this copy! I really thought about purchasing it before the October 9th Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon, but my book pile is already frightful!

  3. I entered from this for that.

    Thanks! Karla

  4. I love cats which is good since I have 4 in my home at present. I would love to win Dewey.
    Thanks for this opportunity to enter. Filled out form.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  5. Thanks for hosting - I have seen this one around a bit - more last summer and I didn't get a copy - I hope I win this one!

  6. This is a wonderful giveaway! Dewey is on my tbr list - who coule refuse that adorable face?!

    This cover picture deserves to be framed & hung on the wall, it's just so cute!

    Thank you!


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