Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Thieves of Darkness by Richard Doetsch

Michael St. Pierre is a reformed thief.  He's turned a new leaf, and even has a new squeeze.  Her name is KC  and she is helping him learn to live again since his wife died.  He spends his time now running a respectable security company for high-end clients.  It's not as dangerous or has the same adrenaline rush as his thieving days, but he's making progress.

But then Michael learns of his best friend Simon being held prisoner in the Middle East.  Simon is a Vatican priest who appropriates art that has been stolen from the church. Michael has been working hard on leaving his thieving days behind him, but he soon finds himself breaking into a prison.  When he locates Simon, Michael is astonished to see KC in the cell beside him.  It seems the two of them had been on an adventure of their own, looking for a treasure map.

Michael joins with the two and they are soon on a high adventure of secrets, danger, and mystery.  Someone thinks that Simon has key information and when he is attacked, Michael and KC to beat the enemy at their own game.

Full of adrenaline powered scenes and fast-paced action, a twisting and thrilling plot, The Thieves of Darkness is a must read for any mystery/thriller lover.  It's the first Richard Doetsch book that I have read, but I'm going to visit the backlist.  Michael St. Pierre appears in the first two books, The Thieves of Heaven and The Thieves of Faith.  Check em out!!

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