Monday, November 8, 2010

Act Like We're In Love by Christi Barth

Linnea Larson basically grew up in the theater.  Her family owns one and she loves acting.  She's greatful she isn't famous though, she couldn't handle all of the parparazzi and all that goes with it.  She made a pact years ago with her best friend that she wouldn't date any actors.

Out rollerblading one day, she literally bumps into a handsome man.  Even after the introductions are finished, she quickly agrees to dinner with him.  He has quickly caught her attention.  But when he realizes she doesn't really know who he is, he rectifies the situation.  Luke is very famous, known as the Aquaman, as well as been in several movies.  He's wealthy, famous, and a hunk.

But Luke is ready for a break from the limelight and gets the part playing in Larson's production of Guys and Dolls.  His leading lady is Linnea, and she still refuses to date him, even though the two are supposed to be acting like they are in love.  The paparazzi find Luke no matter where he is, but can Linnea put aside her pact to give she and Luke a chance at real love?

Exciting and heartwarming, Act Like We're in Love is a delightful contemporary romance that will touch your heart.  Beautifully enhanced with a poignant plot, compelling characters, humor, romance, striking plot twists and plenty of love, this story is brought to life right before your eyes by the attractive writing style of Christi Barth. 
Christi will be back in a few days with an interview and giveaway! Make sure to check back then!!

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  1. Christi's name is one to watch, and you'll for sure be seeing more of it! She's talented in so many directions.


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