Sunday, November 7, 2010

Uncle Eben's Christmas by Stephen Alan Slater

Eben Johnson doesn't believe in Christmas...or any religion. Sure, he went to a few vacation bible school's and youth groups when he was younger, but eventually stopped going altogether.

He's created a successful business and is hopeful that sales will continue to increase the final days before Christmas.  He may not carry any religious items in his store, but his reindeers and snowmen are selling well.  He also dictates to his staff that they are not to speak the word Christmas.  It's politically correct to use the word Holidays.  Even when he speaks to one of his cashiers about saying "Have a Merry Christmas", he begins to question himself. 

He always goes to his sister's church every year to hear his neice and nephew sing.  He loves spoiling them and enjoys watching them perform.  But this year one of the children ask Eben why he doesn't go to church or believe in God.  Eben snaps at them to mind their own business and goes home.  Still confused, Eben awakes from a deep sleep to a voice speaking to him.  A new contempary twist on a treasured Christmas classic.

Uncle Eben's Christmas is filled with realistic and warm characters - people you know in your everyday life.  The pages almost turn themselves, the writing is so smooth and the story told in such a way to keep your attention.  The story is a great one to read to your family this coming holiday season, but the message is strong.  Don't take the Christ out of Christmas - don't take Jesus out of your heart.  A very warm story that will make a nice addition to any shelf.

*I received a copy of Uncle Eben's Christmas courtesy of Deep River Books

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