Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop

A huge thanks to Kathy at I am a Reader Not a Writer and to Martha at Reviews by Martha's Bookshelf for all of their hard work to make this event happen!! This contest ends at midnight on January 17th.  There are alot of blogs participating, so I will try to make this short and simple so you can be on your way, although I do hope you come back and visit soon!!

Thanks to author Gary Turcotte, I have three copies of Monster Heart to giveaway to US readers.

The Frances Norman Stein Story

Frank N. Stein: A modern day monster

This is the story about a High School football star that turns to drugs to enhance his game. He experiments with steroids and other mind altering drugs. He loses his High School sweetheart, to drugs and alcohol. Francis mixed any drugs that he can get his hands on; risking his mental and physical health. He became delusional and he can't distinguish what is real or part of his drug induced illusions. He's involved in hanous crimes that he has trouble remembering. Pimples, cyst, cuts, and dark circles under his eyes, make him look like the monster that the drugs have created. The terrible reality is that this story is happening to today's youth. The Monster lurks nearby. Don't let it get your children!

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The old grey donkey, Eeyore stood by himself in a thistly corner of the Forest, his front feet well apart, his head on one side, and thought about things. Sometimes he thought sadly to himself, "Why?" and sometimes he thought, "Wherefore?" and sometimes he thought, "Inasmuch as which?" and sometimes he didn't quite know what he was thinking about.

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