Monday, January 17, 2011

I Want What She's Got! by Bette James Laughrun & Kathie Nelson

Everyone needs some inspiration in their life time to time.  We've all had our moments.  In I Want What She's Got!, Bette and her daughter Kathie take us on an inspiring journey; sharing the secrets to create an outrageous life.

Bette has 7 questions every woman must answer to create an outrageous life.

1. Purpose
2. Gift Mix
3. Relationships
4. Contribution
5. Self Care
6. Vison
7. Spirituality

I quite enjoyed reading glimpses of Bette and Kathie's lives that made them stronger, and brought them to the wonderful place they are in their lives now.  The biggest message I got from this book is that Life is about choice.  I've always believed that, but it is reiterated here.  You only get one life, and it's your choice on how you spend it, who you spend it with, and what you get from it and what you leave behind.  Bette and Kathie have written a book that will help you along your way to meet your own personal goals and also to stop and think, to get that answer from your own mind and heart.  This is a very helpful book to help you reach your own success, whether personal or business.

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