Sunday, January 16, 2011

Senseless by Mary Burton

Ten years ago Eva Rayburn was brutally raped, burned with a star pendant and then blacked out. When she came to, she was being taken from the sorority house that was on fire, and her would be attacker, dead. Accused of killing Josiah Cross by her three friends, Eva is convicted and spends tenyears of her life in prison.  Now released, Eva carries the burdon of ex-con on her shoulders. She is still tormented about the time she blacked out ten years ago. She feels in her bones she did not kill Josiah, but she can't remember. She lives above King's Bar and works for him as a bartender. She keeps to herself and is saving up every penny she can so she can return to college.

Deacon Garrison is a homicide detective who is having a difficult time linking the viscious murders that keep happening in his jurisdiction. The women have been branded four times with four pointed stars, and then viciously stabbed to death. His investigation leads him to Eva Rayburn, an intriguing ex-con. The women who have been identified are two of the women who testified against Eva.

Since her return, Eva had neglected to contact her sister Angela. Detective Garrison lets Angela know her sister has returned, so Eva is trying to form a tentative bond with her. During her trial, Josiah's father, a wealthy and powerful man, had threatened Angela's life is Eva tried to fight against her charges. Eva told Angela to leave and never return, even though it broke her heart.

Now, Eva is determined to fight against the suspicions about her seeking revenge on her sorority sisters and killing them. She tries to remember the memories she lost and help Detective Garrison find the killer before he finds her. She knows it won't be long until the killer is after her, but will they be too late?

SENSELESS is a edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep you up long in the night. The characters of Eva and Detective Garrison are edgy, realistic, and very likable. The plot twists and turns that it is hard to guess who the killer is until Ms. Burton leads us directly to whom it may be. Absolutely fantastic! Also, don't miss MERCILESS, coming out in February. Eva's sister, Angela, is the heroine, and it promises to be just as thrilling.

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