Friday, February 25, 2011

Grey Areas by Jessica Dall

" dai·mon

n. Greek Mythology
1. an inferior deity, such as a deified hero.
2. an attendant spirit.

n. Middle English
1. an evil spirit
2. a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin

Willow and her friends have a special bond. They had no idea it was anything exceptional until James joined their group. Entering a world of daimons and demons, Willow and her friends are forced to flee for their lives in a clash of black versus white, with battlelines blurred by grey areas."

Willow, a lawyer, is basically married to her job. She chose it over a man and she seems pretty happy, just focused.  So when she accepts a date, her friends are pretty shocked.  Especially James, a new addition to their group.  He fears Logan may be a stalker.... or something else. 

Willow and her friends  have always had a special bond, and they didn't think anything else of it, until James joins the group.  But James insists they are all Eudaimons, thought to have perished when Rome burned years ago.  So things heat up a bit when Willow brings home her new boyfriend Logan and he is a daimon.

The demons want the Eudaimons wiped from existance, forcing Willow and her friends to flee for their lives.  But eventually they will catch one of them and there is no love in war.  But there are grey areas, and in this thrilling adventure, it's those areas you want to pay close attention to. 

A page-turning fantasy thriller that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat with it's tight plot and likeable characters.  The characters are realistic and the wrting is clever.  A unique and compulsive page-turner that urban fantasy readers are sure to enjoy!

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  1. Great suggestion! I completely agree after reading this :)


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