Monday, April 11, 2011

Breathless by Scott Prussing

Leesa Nyland had a strange childhood.  Her mother, while pregnant with her, swore she was accosted in the forest and bitten by a one fang vampire.  After Leesa was born, her mom swore the sunlight made her sick and kept indoors, drinking lots of protein.  Leesa doesn't believe in vampires, but she knows something is wrong with her mom.

When Leesa received a letter from her brother saying not to come and find him, she knows something is wrong.  She and her brother are very close and that is not like him.  She decides to enter into the college her brother was at three years later and investigate his whereabouts herself.

There, she makes some friends and realizes the girl her brother was dating didn't seem to be a student there.  Leesa finds herself drawn to her Vampire Science class and she may not still believe, but she is opening herself up to the possibilities.  She also finds herself drawn to a very good looking man who seems to pop in and out of classes at his whim.  When she bumps into him, she is breathless.  His name is Rave and he isn't quite human.

Leesa and Rave begin seeing one another, but Leesa becomes frustrated that all Rave speaks of is vampires and he won't touch her.  When her investigation reveals where her brother may be, and what Rave truly is, Leesa has to make some hard life-changing decisions.

Breathless is a new unique take on the vampire novel with spins and turns and a new twist of what goes bump in the night.  Leesa is a phenomenal character who I would love to read more about.  With romance, suspense and goosebumps, Breathless is a sensational debut.

Breathless is also now available in eBook format at both and for only$2.99.  You can also purchase Breathless through Scott's  website

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  1. Great Review!!! I can't wait to read this one!!! Sounds exactly like the kind of vampire romance I enjoy reading!!!


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