Monday, April 11, 2011

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson can see and interact with dead people, not because she is psychic but because she is a grim reaper.  She helps people finish whatever is keeping them on this plane and helps them toward the light.  The only thing is, Charley is the light.  She feels them as they pass through her.

She is a private investigator and also works sometimes as a bartender for her dad at his bar.  But she has a third job helping the police.  For some reason, Charley can usually close a case quickly, but it helps when the murdered person can finger the killer. Three lawyers from the same firm were killed on the same night and they have come to Charley for help.

Meanwhile, Charley is having trouble with her dreams.  A really hot man visits her at night and it is so real, it is hard to believe it is a dream.  But when she finally realizes it is Reyes Farrow, a blast from her past, she is intrigued.  She sets her best friend Cookie on the job of locating Reyes, the only man to ever call her by the nickname of "Dutch".

With the trio of the three delete 'the three' ghosts, her bumbling Uncle Bob and her only ghost on the payroll, Angel, their investigation leads them to a human trafficking ring.  Charley has no problem throwing herself into danger at every turn to try and solve the murders and put a killer behind bars for a long time.

However, she finds out that Reyes is in a coma and the state is about to pull the plug.  He is not only visiting her in her dreams now, but also during the day.  Everytime Charley's life is in danger, Reyes is there in some form to help her.  She realizes that he isn't human but she cannot figure out who or what he is.  Will she be able to stop the state from ending his human life before she and Reyes can be together?

Brimming with sarcastic dialogue, steamy romantic scenes, a cast of unique and eccentric ghosts, a splash of suspense and a generous helping of the paranormal, FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT is a welcome addition to the paranormal genre.  Charley is a down-to-earth, attitude-swinging, heart-of-gold character who is a breath of fresh air. I can't wait for the next one, SECOND GRAVE ON THE LEFT, due out in August 2011.

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