Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fabulous Faces by Peter A. Adamson, M.D.

Fabulous Faces is about Dr. Adamson's patients, why they did the surgery and how they transformed themselves.  Dr. Adamson is an Otolaryngologist — Head and Neck Surgeon, practicing in facial plastic surgery.

There are all sorts of plastic surgery, but in Fabulous Faces, the surgeries discussed are about the face - facelifts, eyelids and nosejobs.  It used to be the only people we knew getting plastic surgery was celebrities.  Now, even everyday people are doing it.  They just want to look like themselves, or take a few years off. 

The risks are very candidly talked about and yes there are scars and yes there will be pain.  I can recognize people who would want to do a little fixing for their health or fix something that has bothered them for years, like a bump on the nose.  I know it's not for me.  Dr. Adamson talks about how to search for the right doctor for you and how to take care of your skin and yourself after surgery. 

The book is pretty pro-plastic surgery as there really isn't any patient stories who were not satisfied.  However, it does delve deeply into a fascinating process.  If you're thinking about plastic surgery, this book could be quite helpful to you!

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