Monday, June 27, 2011

Applewood by Brendan P. Myers

When a mutilated body is found in the woods near the central Massachusetts town of Grantham, Scott Dugan comes home for the first time in more than twenty years. He returns to the decaying house where he'd grown up, one of many derelict homes in the long-abandoned neighborhood of Applewood. More than two decades earlier, Dugan and his tightly bonded group of friends had been struggling with the same pains that plagued millions of teens like them--bullies in school, broken families, money problems, relationships. But the evil that revives to spread through Grantham confronts them with a far darker and more destructive adversary. In 1861, Grantham sent its own home town war hero, Colonel Alexander Pope, and a company of locals to fight for the Union cause in the Civil War. Marching through the isolated rural regions of Georgia, the Colonel and his soldiers discovered a horrible secret hidden behind the lovely facades of the plantation mansions. When the veterans of Grantham came home, they brought something else with them. Now that something else has awakened once more to grow and feed. Dugan and his friends are among the few who realize what's happening to their town. They band together to ferret out information about the history of the Colonel and to fight the threat. But victory, if it's even possible, will come at a terrible cost. Some, like Dugan, will never be the same.

Isn't this cover creepy? I absolutely love it! It's what really drew my attention to this book.  Who is looking through the window?

Applewood used to be a small town, not thriving, but it got by.  But now it's full of run-down, should be condemned, housing.  When a young man is found with half of his torso and throat torn out in the woods,  Sergeant Lombard knows what has killed him. 

He calls his old school friend Scott Dugan, a man who has not returned to Applewood for over twenty years.  Scott returns and with him, old memories of what happened years ago.  Now, he and his friends must figure out what happened in the past so they can save their future. 

Applewood is written in two parts - what is happening presently and through flashbacks - what happened twenty years ago.  A very creepy, keep the light on book, that will send goosebumps up your arms.  Author Brendan Myers writes like he has been doing it for years - keeping the reader entranced and racing to see what will happen next.  Horror, suspense and drama, action and great character development mesh together to create a compelling and fantasic novel.

Before devoting himself full-time to writing, Brendan P. Myers held a variety of senior positions in Information Technology throughout the Boston area, in fields as diverse as engineering, real estate investment, and commercial banking.

His short stories can be found in the Northern Haunts anthology from Shroud Publishing, Dead Worlds: Undead Stories from Living Dead Press, and Malpractice: An Anthology of Bedside Terror from Stygian Publications. His Writers of the Future award-winning novelette Adamson's Rock and his novels Hope Town and Sumner Gardens are available online from all the usual places.

A lifelong resident of Massachusetts and die-hard Red Sox fan, he has recently relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida and is loving every minute of it.

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* I received a copy of Applewood from Light Unseen Media.  All thoughts and opinions are expressly my own.

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