Monday, June 27, 2011

Love & Freedom by Sue Moorcroft

Honor Sontag has troubles at home and decides she needs a break. So she rents a small house in England...far away from home. There, she decides to ignore her many degrees in finance and find a waitress job to support her until she decides what she wants to do.

When Honor was a baby, her English mother left her with her American father. She is hoping her time spent in England will give her ample time to find out more about her estranged mother or any other relatives.

Martyn Mayfair is a good looking man who is just trying to be helpful by waking up Honor, who fell asleep in the sun. His sister asked him to check on her new renter, and he doesn't mind helping out. He didn't plan on Honor being so pretty or likable. Martyn has been a playboy for years and is not looking for a serious relationship.

But Honor may change Martyn's mind. They begin to fall in love, but Honor's troubles at home that she hasn't talked about with Martyn may be the downfall of their new and tenacious relationship. Also, the secrets about her mother, when revealed, may ruin everything. Will Honor and Martyn be able to push past these troubles and form a life together?

LOVE AND FREEDOM is an engaging and compelling romance with undertones of suspense and drama. Honor's troubles are not immediately known and are slowly revealed to the reader. Martyn and Honor's romance blossoms slowly and will capture your heart. Great writing and a page-turning plot will keep you thoroughly entertained!

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