Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Post: Top iPhone Apps that Can Help with Writer's Block

No matter if you are an awarding winning writer, journalist or blogger, chances are you've dealt with the all too familiar, and highly dreaded, writer's block. While gathering inspiration from nature, friends and other forms of artwork and writing can help you remove the unwanted road blockage, your muse might very well reside within your trusty iPhone. To learn the top 5 apps that are designed to get those creative juices flowing for writers, continue reading below.

1. Storyteller. This fun app, which is more suited for fiction writers, is the perfect tool to get rid of that pesky writer's block, or at least get you thinking outside of the box. This is how it works: the app randomly generates suggestions by pulling from a pool of more than a thousand possible plots, settings, characters and themes. You create a unique story every time. You can then pick and choose which ideas you like—just make sure you write the combinations down on a piece of paper, you can't save the generated sequences. Price: $1.99

2. INSPIRIO. Similar to Storyteller, INSPIRIO is also an idea generator. It works a little differently, however. Instead of formulating the preliminary concepts of a story, it has to do more with word play: it randomizes a list of adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs in a unique way. You then decide what you want to do with the words. They might inspire you to come up with an idea or help you find that perfect word you've been looking to describe your main character. But it also has a special "daydream machine" and "scenario" feature that is designed to get you thinking of possible plots and characters. Price: $2.99
3. Writer's Block Buster. Like the name suggests, this app is not only made to help writer's figure out what is killing their creativity, but it also serves as an organizational tool and helps with writing mechanics, including punctuation and spelling. Price: $3.99

4. Nano Diary. Lastly, sometimes the best way to get rid of writer's block is just to write. About anything. Just write and write (no editing needed). But while probably only a small portion of this type of free writing will be useable, you won't be able to write anything down if you get inspiration while you're out and about and forget your notebook. Instead, you can turn to the device you'll most likely never forget, you phone, and use the Nano Diary app to document all of your ideas and thoughts. You can also use it as a real journal and document your day—there may be some valuable information in there that you can use in your next piece of writing. Price: 99 cents
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