Monday, June 6, 2011

Strong at the Break by Jon Land

Strong at the Break is the third Caitlin Strong novel in the series.  However, this is the first book from this author I have read.  I really didn't think I was missing too much though and it read fine as a stand alone book.

The story opens with some backstory of a young Caitlin and her father, a Texas Ranger, supposedly about to go fishing but instead staking out a place.  Maxwell Arno has been doing some pretty bad things in the church, and Caitlin's father Jim is there to arrest him.  The problem arises though when Maxwell doesn't want to be arrested and a shoot-out transpires with Max dying in his son Malcolm's arms.

Years later, Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong finds herself in several operations that lead her from Canada, to Mexico and as far as Iraq.  But the person holding the helm is Malcolm Arno, who took his father's evil place and made it ten times worse.  There's a showdown about to go on and it's between Caitlin and Malcolm.

Political unrest, drug trafficking, child slavery and more are key notes in this page-turning thriller! Caitlin is a fierce heroine with her grandpa's Colt and her dogged determination.  Action-packed, strong and versatile characters, a strong plot and sensible, yet excitingwriting,  Strong at the Break is a great thriller!

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