Monday, July 4, 2011

The 34th Degree by Thomas Greanias


1943. The supernatural alchemy for the ultimate weapon, encoded in an ancient biblical text, has fallen into the hands of the most ruthless secret society known to man—the Nazi SS.

Present Day. Dishonorably discharged from the armed forces after the events of The Promised War, Sam Deker is trying to build a new life in Los Angeles. But nightmares of the past continue to haunt his present, and Deker discovers that the unusual lightwave-induced torture he barely survived has changed him.

The Pentagon, however, believes that change makes him the only one who can endure their top-secret neuro-simulation program known as the 34th Degree. The stunning technological breakthrough uses the sliced brain tissues of dead terrorists to enter their memories and glean priceless intel.

Now Americans want to use the preserved brain tissue of SS General Ludwig von Berg, the legendary “Baron of the Black Order,” to send Deker back to 1943. Deker’s mission is to discover the fate of the lost biblical text and steal its formulas before his counterparts in the Alignment, a 21st-century successor to the SS, beat the U.S. to it.

The text not only spells out the end of the world, but the supernatural alchemy for Greek Fire, a thermodynamic technology that the ancient Greeks believed to have come from Atlantis and that the Americans now believe threatens the Earth. Ultimately, Deker discovers that the past, present and future are not what they seem, as his path leads to a shattering secret that will change everything he knows about the universe.


Back in 1943, the secret Maranaha text has fallen into the hands of the Nazis.  The biblical text holds the newest mind-altering technology that can be used as an ultimate weapon.

Now, Doctor Prestwick has given the 34th degree, a neuro simulation program, to Sam Deker and sends him back into time.  They use the dead brain cells of SS General Ludwig von Berg, the legendary “Baron of the Black Order,” Deker's job is to locate he Maranaha text and steal them before they fall into the  hands of the Nazis.  With von Berg's memories and intel, it should make Deker's job a little bit easier.

The 34th Degree is a phenomenal thriller! Flipping back between the present day and the past, there is alot going on.  Between the Templars taking he Maranatha text to Rome, the espionage and the adventure, there is not a paragraph you will want to miss!  Between Greece, Germany, America hitting Sicily and the spies, you'll be on the edge-of-your-seat.  Don't miss this one!!

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