Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire by Debra Brown

Emma Carrington was found in a basket on a Squire's doorstep when she was an infant.  Mrs. Carrington doted on Emma and raised her as her own, even though Mr. Carrington treated her like a servant, unlike his own daughters.  When Mrs. Carrington passed away, Mr. Carrington was through with Emma and tossed her out.

The Lady Holmeshire desired a companion, so she sent Emma off for finishing, determined that she become a lady.  Emma returns and the household is so happy for her return.  When Lady Holmeshire is happy, everyone is happy and Emma's companionship makes her happy.  She begins to slowly introduce Emma to society, and the return of her son Will eases Emma's way into Victorian society.

Emma finds Will very attractive and although he doesn't say, his actions show that he is attracted to her as well.  However, Emma knows she is beneath Will's station and nothing can come of her feelings. Also, Will has been betrothed to another of his own station for years, he just isn't in a hurry to marry.

In the nearby village, a strange man queries about Emma.  Also,  Lady Holmeshire's jewerly  becomes missing.  Emma begins to question where she really comes from.  The suspense builds and the ending will shock you.  Beautifully written with vivid details, the characters clever and well developed and the suspense intricately woven, it's hard to believe this is Ms. Brown's debut novel.  Her attention to detail shows she has definitely done her research on the period.  I really enjoyed this glimpse into the past and look forward to future works of author Debra Brown's.

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