Monday, August 8, 2011

Tour: Borneo Tom: Stories and Sketches of Love, Travel and Jungle Family in Tropical Asia

Join award winning science teacher Tom McLaughlin as he moves from America to Malaysian Borneo as he tracks orangutans, dances naked in an earthquake, swims with jellyfish AND MORE DANGEROUSLY...falls in love. Walk with him through a cacophony of emotions including great joy when he finds the love of his life and marries in a village ceremony, reunites with one daughter after a divorce, travels with another and flies the entire family on his honeymoon in Bali. Oh, yes, did I forget? His vasectomy and his wife s diagnosis of barrenness produces a son, Dzul Patrick, now a few months old. Each stand alone chapter is humorously sketched by Water Front Niki, a familiar face to all who visit Kuching. Niki s sensitive portraits of the national bird, the Hornbill, decorates living rooms world wide.

What a delightful book! It is basically a journal of Tom's travels through Southeast Asia, more of Malaysia and Borneo, a small area he eventually settled down.  It's broken up into different sections that detail that particular area, the people, customs, foliage, animals and language.  Tom is afraid of nothing! I would be quaking in my boots many times over of what Tom approaches with no reservations.

The chapters are short but take you to places most people have never been or will go.  Tom writes cleverly and with humor.  The illustrations are remarkable and I'm very glad I had this opportunity to read this book and learn a few things I might never have known.  It's very educational, informative and entertaining.

A freelance writer with a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Affairs and a B.A. in biology, Tom describes himself as “using his big mouth and pen to raise hell and write some humor.” At the same time, Tom uses his “big mouth and pen” to raise awareness of Borneo, its diverse population, unusual plant life and one-of-a-kind animals.

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