Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skin Dive by Ava Gray

Gillie has a rare gift of healing. She spent twelve years incarcerated at The Foundation, a place that experiments on humans. Sometimes she wishes she were dead. It wouldn't be so bad if she had some control when she uses her gift, but The Foundation took that from her.

T-89 'Taye' is also incarcerated at The Foundation, and his gift is to manipulate energy. He uses his gift to help them and other patients escape. Now, Taye will do everything within his power to keep Gillie safe.

The Foundation wants them back though, at any cost. They hire mercenaries to get them back, but Gillie and Tay stay on the run for months. Mockingbird, the leader of a group of previous patients, wants Gillie and Tay to join him on his mission to destroy The Foundation for good. Gillie and Tay don't want to do that because they will have to split up.

Eventually though, they decide to join Mockingbird, and they both go their separate ways even though they love one another. Tay will do whatever it takes to keep Gillie safe, even if it means staying away from her. He is dying, and he knows that she can heal him, but if she does, she will take his pain into her own body. He will do anything to keep from hurting her.

SKIN DIVE is a thrilling paranormal jaunt that is brimming with romance, action and thrilling suspense. The bond between Gillie and Tay grows during their journey,  and their chemistry absolutely sizzles. SKIN DIVE can be read as a standalone, but you won't want to miss the other two books in this series, SKIN TIGHT and SKIN HEAT.

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