Thursday, August 11, 2011

Undead and Undermined by MaryJanice Davidson

Betsy Taylor is the vampire queen, married to hunky Sinclairand living in a lavish mansion with her best friends. In the last installment, UNDEAD AND UNFINISHED, Betsy and her half-sister Laura, the Anti-Christ, took a trip to hell. This trip took them through time, the past and the future.

Now, they have returned from their trip and not everything is as it was before they left. Because certain things did not happen in their trip to the past, things have changed. Jessica, Betsy's best friend, is eight months pregnant and although she is still with Nick, he goes by another name. He also likes Betsy now, versus hating her before.

Crazy Marc from the future has followed Betsy and Laura to their present time-line, which shouldn't have happened. Future Betsy is not nice and had tortured Marc for centuries. She needs to send Crazy Marc back and figure out how to fix Marc's timeline so it doesn't happen at all.

With her deal with Satan in UNDEAD AND UNFINISHED, she was supposed to now be able to read the Book of the Dead without going crazy. The problem is that Laura, Satan's daughter and the Anti-Christ, has taken it. This escalates into a large argument ending with Betsy waking up in a morgue several states away. When she finally gets back home, she takes another trip to hell with Laura and Garrett. Her aim is to get Antonia, a werewolf friend who died, back. But Satan has a nasty tidbit to share with Betsy about the Book of the Dead being written on Sinclair's skin. Betsy doesn't believe it at all and returns to her present timeline determined to fix the future. She isn't sure how yet, but she knows she must take care of Crazy Marc first.

UNDEAD AND UNDERMINED is a quick read that takes some time to follow. With references to different timelines, it must be read carefully so the reader can stay on the same page as the characters. Betsy is still a fashionista and deeply in love with Sinclair, which shows through their sizzling love scenes. She's all heart and determined to fix things so she doesn't become evil in the future, hurting the people she loves. With a shocking ending, I look forward to the next in the series, UNDEAD AND UNSTABLE, due out next summer.


  1. I really need to start this series. Thanks for sharing, Wendy....

  2. I have been a lover of this series until the last book. I pre-ordered it and should have waited to read the reviews. I was so disappointed with the ending I swore I wouldn't read this one until reviews had been posted. Thanks for the review, now I'm undecided, I miss Betsy's exploits, it was just plain simple fun.


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