Sunday, September 11, 2011

Between the Land and the Sea by Derrolyn Anderson

Marina isn't happy about her father going to work in Afghanistan and leaving her to live with her Aunt Abby and cousin Cruz for a year, but her father is determined she will go to school like a normal teenager and make friends. Marina's mother died shortly after giving birth to her, so it's just been her and her father, travelling around all of her life. Her neighbor, whom Marina calls Aunt Evie, has been like a mother to her and they are very close.

Marina settles into her new life fairly well, in fact, so close to the ocean she feels like she's home. The other kids in town give her a wide berth and really aren't nice to her, but her cousin and his friend Megan are great and the three quickly become close. Ethan is a handsome surfer who works hard and quickly catches Marina's attention. He teaches her how to swim and surf and soon there is a romance blossoming between the two.

But when Marina sees a mermaid and starts talking to it, the plot thickens. The mermaid calls Marina sister and says she has something for her from her mother. Marina keeps going back to talk to the mermaid at no thought to her own safety. Soon, Marina is sleepwalking to the sea and her life becomes endangered. Ethan, Megan and Cruz try to protect Marina, but the water spirits will not be swayed. Marina must sacrifice something in order to continue her life, but at what cost to those she loves or to herself?

Between the Land and The Sea is a thrilling young adult fantasy that I devoured. I couldn't read fast enough, I was so caught up in the life of Marina and her friends. What happened to Marina's mother? What do the mermaids want with her? What lengths will they go to achieve it? Will Marina and Ethan's love for one another stand the test of time? These were only a few questions I asked myself as I read. The characters are wonderful and full of passion and life, the setting is modern and realistic and the mermaids were fantastic. Great writing and perfect character chemistry - I want more! I can't wait to continue Marina's story in Moon Tide, Book Two.

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