Monday, September 12, 2011

Telling Lies by Cathi Stoler Tribute Books Tour

Laurel Imperiole, an editor for Women Now magazine, is vacationing in Italy with Detective Aaron Gerard, of the NYPD Identity Theft Squad. They've left work behind and are concentrating on getting to know one another better. In an art gallery, Laurel bumps into a well-dressed man but she thinks nothing of it until she and Aaron have left. She knows that man, Jeff Sargasso, but he alledgedly died in on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.

Laurel is filled with rage that he would walk away from his family and make a new life. She remembers that he had an appointment that morning with a billionaire japanese art dealer and that fifteen million dollars disappeared - all over a painting. At first, Aaron disbelieves Laurel, thinking she thought she saw Jeff, but it was someone else. But the more she talks, the more he begins to believe her.

He goes back to New York and she stays in Florence. They call Helen McCordenale, a friend and private investigator, to help them uncover what really occurred. Laurel tries to find Jeff in the art world in Florence, but she hasn't many clues. One clue, though, really stands out and may aid her - a stick pin Jeff was wearing. But when a woman ends up murdered, Laurel realizes that she must tread carefully, especially if he goes back to New York to see his wife, Monica.

Aaron and Helen gradually begin to unravel the intricasies of the investigation and realize that Jeff, going under a presumed name, is on a flight to New York. Also, billionaire Miayamu Moto is coming to New York too. Coincidence? Probably not, so they begin to stake out the area, but when Laurel returns to the states, she acts before she thinks and is soon in a struggle for her life.

Telling Lies has many subplots that support the main story that I can easily see in more installments. I really didn't care for the character of Laurel, I found her shallow and pigheaded. I came to love Helen though, she is a remarkable character with guts and heart. The conspiracy, the murders, the authenticity of Italy and it's language, as well as the cunning plot turn Telling Lies into a well-done, though-provoking novel of not only entertainment, but what could have really happened. I read it cover-to-cover! I couldn't put it down - pure excellence!


Cathi Stoler was an award-winning advertising copywriter. Telling Lies is her first mystery/suspense novel. Other novels in this series will include Keeping Secrets, which delves into the subject of hidden identity, and, The Hard Way, a story about the international diamond smuggling. She has also written several short stories including Fatal Flaw, which was published online this April at Beat To A Pulp and Out of Luck, which will be included in the upcoming New York Sisters in Crime anthology, Murder New York Style: Fresh Slices. In addition to Sisters in Crime, Cathi is also a member of Mystery Writers of America and Women of Mystery.

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  1. Thanks Wendy for taking the time to read and review Telling Lies. I'm glad that as a suspenseful thriller, it kept you turning the pages right to the end. We appreciate your support and for recommending the book to all of your blog readers.


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