Friday, September 9, 2011

Lana Halliday by Lulu Sullivan

Lana Halliday is just spending an afternoon with her friend Ronnie having tea and making fun of the locals when Ronnie sees him. A well-dressed man across the street, walking and minding his own business, with a sparkle on his tie, drives Ronnie crazy. It seems Ronnie was engaged to a little lady called May and he wanted to marry her. He asked his wealthy uncle for a loan, he was going to work for him soon and make his own fortune, and just added a couple of zeros to the check to purchase a fabulous diamond engagement ring.

When the uncle found out, he was so mad he withdrew the job offer and demanded the ring back. When May found out that Ronnie lost the job, she dumped him and did not return the ring. Instead, she found another wealthy man and had the diamond made into a tie tack for him as an engagement present. Peter Maddox Peters doesn't know what hit him, when Ronnie lurches across the street and hits Peter in the nose. Ronnie is promptly taken to jail by a constable and Lana figures now would be a good time to help out her friend.

She approached Peters and spins a yarn about needing to protect him as someone has bought a contract on his life. Peters buys it all and what ensues is hilarious! Lana is witty and quick on her feet and her story doesn't wobble, she keeps her facts or falsifications in this instance, straight. For a short story, there is a lot happening and it's easy to follow. The characters are quirky and likable and the story is well-paced and cleverly crafted. I loved it!

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