Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walking Marina by D. R. Hildebrand

Daniel 'Danny' Ward had a rough childhood and then went to work at the steel mills in Gary, Indiana. He had dreams of a bigger life but his path was unclear. So he went to work every day and brought home a paycheck not fit for a king but enough to live off of. One morning on the way to work, he hears a radio advertisement about model try-outs. Danny figures it couldn't hurt and cleans himself up and heads to the hotel where the head hunters are. He is one of a handful left standing and given an Edge Modeling contract.

He moves to New York, completely out of his element and moves in with other male models. He gets some shots done for his portfolio and waits for a client to book him. After a few weeks go by, he begins to get desperate for cash. He asks fellow model Remmy for some job prospects and learns how to bartend over a weekend at a party for Remmy, leading up to a job at a bar. He manages to make some money, while still waiting for a client to book him at the modeling agency. But, when a customer gets a bit personal with him, Danny punches him and loses his job.

Remmy comes through again and offers Danny a job for a wealthy client, Walking Marina. Every morning, Danny enters the lobby and waits for Marina and they walk. After their walk, she gives him an envelope. Marina chatters a lot and is very demanding. Danny finally gets a call from a client and is disappointed in what models really make for such a grueling day, but he doesn't give in so easily.

But Marina is demanding and she pays too well for Danny to quit. He even gets a call for a model job, but Marina doubles his pay if he comes to her instead. He doesn't think of the future, just the present. His modeling days are almost over before they started and he and Marina aren't agreeing on almost anything. He has learned a lot from her but he hasn't learned to stand up for himself. Will he find the strength and look into his heart to make the right decisions for his future?

Walking Marina is an in-depth look into the world of modeling. The character development is wonderful and dynamic. Danny's character really grows within the pages, from a small-town boy to a grown up in the city. He learns about different walks of life but also learns more about who he is. Entertaining, compelling and delicious, Walking Marina is an enthralling read!

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