Friday, September 30, 2011

Wolf at the Door by MaryJanice Davidson

Rachael Velvela, accountant and werewolf, can't deny her cousin Michael, leader of the Wyndam Pack, when he wants a favor. The last werewolf that Michael sent to Minnesota to keep an eye on the vampire queen, Betsy, ended up dead within two years. He is hoping Rachael has better success.

Rachael isn't thrilled about moving from Cape Cod to St. Paul, but Michael assures her that he will take care of everything. When she arrives, she meets with another wolf who works at the Chamber of Commerce. She's given a list of potential clients and shown where she will live. She loves her apartment and begins to settle in.

Edward is a geek. He lives with a vampire and a vampire slayer but is afraid that if he leaves, they won't welcome him back, so he never leaves. But eventually, he realizes that he can't let his fear control him, so he leaves on a mission. A newsletter has arrived from the vampire queen Betsy and he is shocked that a vampire would be so obvious. He wants to check it out and if it pans out, he'll call the slayer in to take care of it.

When Edward bumps into Rachael at a bookstore, there is an instant connection. The two begin a whirlwind passionate fling and things are going well until Edward spies Rachael entering the vampire mansion. He confronts her about it and the fur flies, literally. When a series of murders occur, people listed on Rachael's client list, Rachael and Betsy both know something is fishy. Someone is trying to cause a rift between the vampires and the Pack, and they all put their heads together to try and sort it out. Someone isn't telling the truth, but who and why?

WOLF AT THE DOOR occurs after UNDEAD AND UNDERDMINED, BETSY TAYLOR and is a fun-filled romp of romance, murder and mayhem that only MaryJanice Davidson can write. Betsy and Sinclair are dealing with a pregnant Jessica and zombie Marc, Edward is confused and geeky cute, Rachael is trying to do the right thing even though her libido is telling her something else and the bodies just pile up but no one knows quite why. Brimming with spicy love scenes, hilarious smoothie moments, witty dialogue and memorable characters, WOLF AT THE DOOR is a wonderful addition to the Wyndam Werewolves and the Betsy Taylor series. I was thoroughly entertained!

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